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Let's face it — who has time to find the perfect shelf?
Here in Singapore, we are either busy, tired, or both.
And sometimes, the perfect shelf doesn't exist.
That's what CUSTO founder, Dutch designer Camiel Weijenberg found out when he tried to find a wardrobe for his wife.
Camiel moved to Singapore in 2013 to start a design company, Weijenberg.
His apartment had an odd space, and it made finding a good wardrobe difficult and painful.
With a carpentry background under his belt, Camiel saw an opportunity to make life better for people with the same needs.
He brought that idea to Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).
With a group of final year students, designknus was born.
knus: a Dutch word meaning 'cosy, snug'. Sounds like 'canoes'.
The student team (clockwise from left): Linus, Eunice, Debbie, XY, Isha and Aisyah.
Later, designknus was rebranded to CUSTO.

Early Prototypes

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WEIJENBERG dares to see the world differently by questioning convention. The firm strives to achieve spatial solutions that embody the individuality of every client and project they work on. Weijenberg specialises in bespoke design solutions, which demonstrate that pragmatism does not mean conforming to monotonous, overly prescribed forms.

The firm’s signature aesthetic ‘Crafting the Traditional’ is an approach that fuses cutting edge technology with traditional materials and sustainable architecture. Equipped with parametric design software and the latest BIM technology, Weijenberg has the ability to flex to clients’ individual needs.

Based in Singapore, the award-winning firm comprises a dynamic international team of architects, designers and researchers, led by Dutch designer and Founding Director, Camiel Weijenberg. The firm is currently involved in a number of collaborations in hospitality, private residential, commercial and luxury workspace projects.

Weijenberg’s client reach spans China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Hungary, France, Netherlands and Singapore. It includes projects with Lexus, New World Development, Creative Quest, China 500 and Chef Andre Chiang.

Extending its philosophy of ‘Crafting the Traditional’ to pedagogy, Weijenberg has been involved with the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) since 2016, exploring the use of sustainable building materials in new ways by employing emerging technologies.